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Multi-Family House, Zuerich-Altstetten, 2018

Two Multi-family Houses are located on a quite side road in Zurich Altstetten. To the north the houses are angularly articulated and to the south they are expanded though the use of multiple breaks in the façade. Through the angular organization the buildings are mutually interlaced and through this an ensemble is formed.
The two complementary folded buildings span the space that lies between them, though the breaking up of the façade the two buildings work together to create a shared connecting space. The arrangement causes that the separate building parts to appear smaller. As a result of this, the buildings are very well integrated into the surrounding neighborhood.
The southern balcony layer forms a clear enclosure and has a peaceful and however diverse appearance. The railings are made from Photovoltaic cells. As a result the railings not only work as an expression in the design but they also produce electricity.
Both houses are organized to have four apartments per floor. On each floor there are two apartments with 3 bedrooms and an open kitchen and living area, these apartments are located on the sides of the buildings so they can receive natural light from three directions. Inserted in-between these apartments are two smaller apartments with either one or two bedrooms and an open kitchen and living area. All of the apartments are oriented diagonally, so that they are directed towards the open free space.

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